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The President's letter
We are glad to welcome you on the BARKA Group website.

The Group was born out of a young student's dream and ambition and has kept growing in the field of industry, building and public works over the last 28 years with the same objective of satisfying the ever increasing demands of the national market and conquering new ones.
BARKA Group managed to create numerous jobs, thus taking advantage of the know-how and professionalism of quite a lot of persons sharing our ideals and opening opportunities for any competence or professional representations that accept succession rhythms.
Launching new offices in various wilayas all around the country has allowed for considerable expansion and diversification as well as for new national and international partnerships which has enabled us to strengthen our impact on the fields of trade and industry and to establish BARKA Group as a significant name for capacity and quality.

Ladies and gentlemen, as the President of BARKA Group, I am committed to work relentlessly for the pursuit of these ideals to reach a lasting fulfilment of the demand in these fields and to achieve the objectives set forth by BARKA Group.

The President's letter The President's letter The President's letter The President's letter The President's letter
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